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5280 magazine

Caroline Eberly Long from 5280 reports on this bold color story Keira Ritter and I created for Jill and her family.


“I was at a point in my life when I wanted to be fearless and make choices that other people might think were a little crazy,” Jill says. “Color makes me happy—and I don’t do brown.” Add to this bright-palette desire a wish for high function (in particular, a place for sports gear, backpacks, and other stuff), and the Keoghs had an ambitious vision. For backup, Jill called on designer Jodi Feinhor-Dennis of Boulder’s Nesting Home Design. The designer, who shares Jill’s cheery, modern aesthetic, had helped remodel the family’s former home in Fort Collins. “From the get-go, their [new] home was always about the family,” Feinhor-Dennis says, “so the whole house is built around making things functional—but with a cool twist."


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